Friday, July 12, 2013

Keep Calm and Take Me to Your Leader

Whether it's a humanitarian effort or total domination an Alien Invasion can be tough to pull off. This friendly message tells the populace It's ok. We're just here to talk. A Retro "UFO" is used in the design as our studies have shown that people are comforted by nostalgia. Then we use the text KEEP CALM AND TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER. It's sure to come in handy during your next intergalactic excursion.

In case you wish to implement Color Psychology we have made this design customizable. On the product page just click the Customize It button. On the resulting page click Edit then Background. You will be greeted by a palette that will allow you to choose the best color for your situation. That's not all! We have constructed gifts you may give to influential citizens to help spread your message. Here are a few choices below.

Keep Calm and Take Me To Your Leader T-Shirt Keep Calm and Take Me To Your Leader T-Shirt Keep Calm and Take me to your leader iPhone 4 Case

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